Become tattoo removal student

How to become tattoo removal student? This training is not for beginners. Students have to have previous experience in PMU or Microblading field.

The course lasts for 1 day and it consists of a theoretical and practical part.

This is the training plan and the topics covered:

  • Basic info about Phiremoval
  • Differences between the tattoo remover products
  • Treatment
  • Hygiene
  • Postcare
  • Products kit
  • Machine or needles
  • Indications for PhiRemovals: Laser or removal
  • All about scars
  • Work on live models.

Starter kit contains the following:

PhiRemoval 10ml
Neutraliser   10ml
Soothing gel  10 pcs
Antiscar (repair) gel 5 pcs
Needles selection 20 pcs
Universal holder  1 pcs

This is an intensive one-day training which is continued for 6 more months via online studying application Craft Master. After completing the one-day training, students obtain the Certificate of Attendance and automatically become students of the PhiRemoval Craft Master training program, thus getting an opportunity to qualify for the title of a PhiRemoval Artist. During the next 6 months, there is Craft Master support and students send their works to the Master for grading and comments. Those who successfully pass all 6 levels obtain a PhiRemoval Artist certificate. In addition to technical support, the Academy also provides the support of its official doctor, Vladimir Zec, through the Craft Master.

Knowledge that is provided during the training:

  • Skin histology;
  • Causes of scarring;
  • Fitzpatrick skin types;
  • Healing procedure management;
  • Uniqueness of PhiRemoval methodology.

During the training, the anatomy of mistakes of PMU and Microblading techniques are explained and the students get to understand why even experienced masters make such mistakes as a pigment migration, uneven colour injection, tattoo instead of PMU.

While being trained, you are taught to identify the problem and choose the best manner for solving it.

Become tattoo removal student and you will be able to apply this methodology to the manual technique for the first time ever in the removal history.

The training includes a demonstration procedure and the explanation of all steps that predetermine good results of a removal procedure. Students are given an opportunity to perform the procedure by themselves under the strong supervision of the tutor.

One of PhiRemoval mottos:

PhiRemoval uniqueness lies in simplicity.

PhiRemoval is not only a unique formulation but also a well-designed system of actions enabling to preserve healthy skin. The PhiRemoval methodology does not accelerate results! PhiRemoval does not promise results immediately after the first procedure! This is a careful approach to skin health and aesthetics! PhiRemoval is the philosophy of beauty and aesthetics! Become tattoo removal student today!

become tattoo removal student - masterclass info

Masterclass is the biggest event in Permanent Make Up and Microblading history.

It is held once a year in Belgrade and it is a gathering of most important people in permanent and semi permanent make up world.  Here they introduce others to new skills and techniques, teach them how to keep up with innovations and, of course, have fun.

There is also the  PhiAcademy awards ceremony.

There is a big party on the first day, with worldwide superstars. Traditionally, the dress code for this party is white.